CNG-PNG Price Hike: CNG-PNG price increases, another blow of inflation

Publish Date: 04 Jan, 2023 |

The cost of pricey gas and petroleum products is a persistent problem for people. CNG and PNG prices have surged once more. Gujarat Gas has really raised the cost of CNG and PNG by 5%. The increased rates are applicable from today.

New prices of CNG and PNG

Gas rates have reportedly increased as of today, according to a statement from Gujarat Gas. The cost of 1 kilogramme of Gujarat Gas CNG has now increased to Rs 78.52. PNG currently costs Rs 50.43 SCM, which is a rise from before (Standard Cubic Meter). The levels of both gases have been raised by 5%. Gujarat Gas has, however, provided assistance for its industrial clients. In this case, the cost of industrial gas has decreased by Rs 7 per SCM.


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