Coffins fell short for burial of dead bodies due to Corona in China, funeral expenses doubled

Publish Date: 26 Jan, 2023 |

In China, the Corona pandemic is still growing stronger. Infection has spread to almost 80% of the local population, and the death toll is steadily rising. Although China has stated that the corona has caused 60,000 deaths since December, there are actually a lot of dead bodies in the streets and hospitals right now and funeral expenses doubled as Coffins fell short for burial of dead bodies.

Corona creates havoc in China

According to media reports, even coffins are in short supply for burials in China, and as a result of the high demand, their costs have gone up. There is a large line outside the crematoriums and funeral expenses have doubled up.

That only urban areas are included in China's death statistics is a startling revelation made by a media report. No corona-related deaths are recorded in remote areas because there aren't any hospitals. According to some estimates, Beijing's data on deaths from Corona only accounts for a small portion of all deaths.


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