Colombian Prison Riot Fire: Fire breaks out in Colombian prison, 51 inmates killed, 24 injured

Publish Date: 29 Jun, 2022 |

A fire broke out at a prison in the western Colombian city of Tolua on Tuesday, killing 51 inmates and injuring 24. Guards are also among the injured. The incident happened when the prisoners set the mattresses on fire after rioting. According to the information, a fire broke out inside a crowded Colombian prison in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

Colombian’s government on the fire

Colombia's Justice Minister Wilson Ruiz told a press conference that a fight broke out between the prisoners at around 2 a.m. A prisoner set a mattress on fire during a brawl, after which the flames spread throughout the prison.

"The prisoners themselves tried to control the fire, but the flames were very strong and we had to wait for firefighters to come to control the situation," Ruiz said. Ruiz said Colombia's prisons are overcrowded. There are, on average, 20 percent more prisoners than most, he said, adding that the prison where Tolua caught fire was 17 percent over capacitated, making it one of the least populated prisons in the country.

No fire extinguishing system in prison

According to local officials, there is no fire extinguishing system in the jail. National Penitentiary and Prison Institute director Tito Castellanos said 51 people had died in the prison fire. Most of the dead are prison inmates. by whom the fire was set. Initially portable extinguishers were used to extinguish the fire. But the fire took a terrible form. 180 prisoners have been rescued in the fire in the jail. Some guards got scorched while trying to save the prisoners. The scorched people, including two guards, have been admitted to hospitals. The fire was brought under control after several hours.


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