Congress MLA Indira Meena lost her temper in Rajasthan, slapped the electrician, video went viral

Publish Date: 02 Dec, 2022 |

Congress MLA Indira Meena slapped an electrician in Sawaimadhopur district of Rajasthan. This incident happened when the MLA had reached the electricity office. She was continuously getting complaints related to electricity from the farmers. With these complaints, she had reached the electricity office. The Congress MLA was listening to the complaints of the farmers when she got angry and slapped the electricity worker standing in front of her. The video of this incident is also going viral on social media.

Complaints of harrasments of farmers

It is being told that MLA Indira Meena was receiving complaints about continuous harassment of farmers by officials in the Power Distribution Corporation office. It was being told by farmers complaining that private people have been engaged in the electricity department of Boli and they are continuously interfering. On this, the MLA reached the room at the store and checked the register. Instructions were also given to give transformers to the farmers on time.

According to the information received, the MLA had received a complaint of money transaction by a private person to give transformers to the farmers on time. After this, she slapped the electrician standing nearby. Along with this, she had also received a complaint that the electrician was continuously interfering in this matter. Regarding this, the MLA reached the store room and also checked the register.

MLA Indira Meena gave information

On this matter, MLA Indira Meena said that she was getting complaints about unnecessary interference of people in the Electricity Corporation office. On this, she went to the corporation office and got the investigation done. It was told there that the loading unloading contract worker asks for money from the people. On this the MLA instructed him not to do so.


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