Congress won in Himachal Pradesh by only 37,974 votes, fierce battle between the two parties

Publish Date: 09 Dec, 2022 |

People elected their governments in Gujarat and Himachal. In Himachal, the BJP had to be ousted from power, while in Gujarat, the saffron party won a record-breaking victory. The return of power in Gujarat, which is called the stronghold of the BJP, was already visible, but there was a dilemma in Himachal.

Congress won by 40 seats 

In Himachal, which has 68 assembly constituencies, the Congress won with 40 seats. BJP got only 25 seats. However, looking at the vote percentage that both the parties got, it is known that the Congress has defeated the BJP by a very small margin. Congress got a 43.9 percent vote share in the Himachal assembly elections. If we look at the total number of votes, Congress got 18,52,504 votes. BJP managed to win 25 seats with a 43 percent vote share. BJP got 18,14,504 votes. Now if the difference between the two parties is seen, then it is just 37,974 votes.

Maximum votes to CM Jairam Thakur

The highest victory margin in the entire state was recorded in the Seraj constituency. Here Chief Minister Jairam Thakur defeated Chetram of Congress by a margin of 38,183 votes. The lowest margin was recorded in Bhoranj, where Congress candidate Suresh Kumar defeated BJP's Dr Anil Dhiman by just 60 votes. 


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