Corona New Variant: What is Corona's BF.7 Variant, which has created havoc in China

Publish Date: 22 Dec, 2022 |

A new variant of Coronavirus BF 7 has been found in the country. This is the same variant that is spreading terror in China. It is also considered a subvariant of Omicron. Seeing its devastation in China, the whole world is in awe. WHO officials have also said that BF 7 is the fastest-spreading variant of Corona so far. Now its entry has also been done in India.

The new variant of Corona BF 7

The new variant BF.7 of Corona is being called the sub-variant of Omicron (omicron new variant). Its full name is BA., which is called BF.7 in short. This variant is made of a special mutation in the spike protein of the coronavirus. Its name is R346T. The biggest problem is that it is also dodging the antibodies made by the vaccine against this variant.  

Symptoms of Corona's new variant BF 7?

The symptoms of the new variant include 

  • The infected person has a cough, sore throat, fever, tiredness, runny nose, and vomiting

  • There are no symptoms in a person who has been infected many times, that is, they are asymptomatic.

  • Corona's new variant BF.7 has a very short transition period, it spreads rapidly

  • This variant can spread rapidly from 10 to 18 people through 1 infected person.


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