Coronavirus 4th Wave: Omicron, the dangerous variant of Corona, has changed form again

Publish Date: 06 Jul, 2022 |

The risk of a coronavirus epidemic in India has started increasing once again, as more than 1 lakh new cases have been reported across the country in the last 10 days. Meanwhile, Omicron, the most dangerous variant of covid-19, has changed its form.

This is a virus that spreads corona infection rapidly. These variants also dodged the antibodies made after taking the vaccine to protect against corona in the body. It is found in the cells of the body in such a way that it is not easily recognized.

Rise in the cases

This sub-variant of Omicron has reported more than one lakh new cases within the last week in the country. This figure of 7 days is the highest in the last four months. Between June 27 and July 3, more than 1.11 lakh new cases of covid were reported. At least 192 deaths were recorded during this period. Of these, 44 per cent of the deaths occurred in Kerala.

Three new sub-variants of Omicron BA.2.74, BA.2.75 and BA.2.76 have come to the fore in the country. Three new variants of Omicron have been detected by scientists in the country as variants of BA.2 in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir. Experts say that this BA.2 variant became the reason for the third wave in the country in January.

Risk in the new variant

Omicron is the most dangerous variant and it rapidly engulfs people. However, a study of Omicron's sub-variants BA.2 and BA.2.75 found that it has a limited prevalence in India. Experts say that due to the new variants in the country so far, the severity of the disease and the speed of infection have not been found.

Omicron's sub-variant BA.2.75 has raised the concern of scientists in many countries, but in India its risk is low. Experts say that they are a sub-variant of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, so their effect will be less visible in India. The logic behind this is that most people in the country already have strong immunity against Omicron and because of this, its sub-variant will also have less effect. However, despite this, experts are advising people to be cautious about these variants of BA.2.75 variants.


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