Coronavirus in Noida: Corona Cases Surge Severely, Delhi-Noida Records Maximum Number of Cases- Watch Video

Publish Date: 04 May, 2022 |

Corona Update Delhi-NCR: The number of corona infected patients in Noida has been the highest on Tuesday after the last three months. On Tuesday, 170 corona infected patients have been confirmed in the district. Earlier on February 5, 233 people have been corona infected in the district.

In the report, 130 people have also been cured in the last 24 hours. The number of people who have recovered so far in the district is 99,557. The same 741 are active cases. On Tuesday, a total of 335 people have been found corona infected in the entire state. About half of these people have been found infected in the district.

1077 people got vaccinated

On Tuesday, 1077 people got corona vaccination in the district. 105 adolescents aged 12-14 years got the first dose and 439 got the second dose. At the same time, 37 people of 15-17 years were given the first dose and 39 were given the second dose.

110 people aged 18 to 59 were given the first dose and 243 were given the second dose, while seven people in the age group of 60 and above got the first and nine got the second, in addition to 77 people got the booster dose. At the same time, 11 health workers got a booster dose. The Health Department has advised people to follow the instructions.


74 corona infected were found in Ghaziabad on Tuesday

At the same time, 74 people, including 29 youth and seven students, have been found corona infected after the corona test report of 3,825 people came in 24 hours in Ghaziabad. Four are two to 12 years old, five are 13 to 20 years old, 29 are 21 to 40 years old, 28 are 41 to 60 years old and eight infected are 60 years old. In the last 24 hours, the infection rate has been recorded at 1.89 percent. 60 infected have been cured. Treatment of 348 active patients is going on at home. So far, 26 teachers and 126 students of 78 schools have been found infected.


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