Coronavirus Update: More than 30 thousand corona cases were registered in China in a day, Lockdown imposed

Publish Date: 24 Nov, 2022 |

The cases of Coronavirus in China seem to be increasing again and since the beginning of the epidemic, the Kovid cases being recorded daily in this country have now reached their highest level. According to official figures, more than 30 thousand new cases have been reported in China in a single day. 

In view of the increasing cases, many restrictions are being imposed again in China. At the same time, during Zhengzhou Lockdown, there was a lot of resentment over the strict covid rules including the lockdown and the salary dispute, and there was a clash between the employees and the policemen.

National Health Beaureu gives information

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the case records of Corona have reached a record high in a single day. According to a Reuters report , the National Health Bureau said that on Wednesday, 31,454 cases were registered in China, of which 27,517 cases were reported without symptoms. Measures like lockdown, mass testing and travel restrictions are being adopted to prevent corona in China.

Schools are being shut down

In view of the continuous increase in the number of coronavirus patients in China, schools have been closed as a precautionary measure. The widespread effect of Corona is being seen in Beijing. In view of the threat of covid-19, the Chinese government has closed schools in several districts in Beijing. The government has instructed schools to conduct online studies. Actually, there has been a spurt in corona cases in Beijing for the last few days.


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