Coronavirus: WHO's warning, do not ignore these symptoms

Publish Date: 07 May, 2022 |

Omicron's BA.2 sub-variant is currently dominating most countries all around the world. In lieu of that, the WHO chief has expressed concern over the sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5, which are currently causing a surge in cases of Covid-19 infection in South Africa.

"In many countries we are unaware of how the virus is mutating. We do not know what is going to happen next," he said. The head of the ZOE Covid study app, Professor Tim Spector, expressed concerns and provided information about two new sub-variants of Omicron via YouTube amid these concerns.

Symptoms of Omicron

Omicron has these symptoms that are advised to keep in check:

  • fever

  • persistent cough

  • Sore throat

  • runny nose

  • headache

  • weakness

  • body pain

  • Gastrointestinal troubles

Other more serious symptoms

loss of aroma

Loss of smell was a common symptom during the outbreak of delta infection. Most people infected with the delta variant experienced respiratory symptoms. This condition is also called anosmia, in which people lose their sense of smell.


According to Professor Spector, tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ear, is another symptom to be taken seriously. This suggests that another part of the body is being affected by the infection, something internal, which is closer to the brain.

The symptoms of tinnitus can be different from person to person. Some people may hear a loud whistling sound, while some may hear a slight.


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