Covid 19: Are cloth masks useless, N95 or Surgical Mask, Which is better?

Publish Date: 24 Jan, 2022 |

COVID 19: The latest variant of coronavirus Omicron is being spread heavily. The particular variant of the virus is causing mild symptoms to the patients, however it's spreading rate is much higher than the previous Delta variant. With the exponential growth in the number of cases, the corona variant Omicron has been proved to be the fastest spreading variant of the virus, however if you use the right mask with the correct measures can keep you from catching the virus. Here 

In the COVID era, the mask is a basic norm that no one should get away with. Since the Omicron variant is the most rapidly spreadable variant, the mask is a key measure to create a strong barrier between the virus and your respiratory system.

Oxford University’s Take n Cloth Mask

According to Professor Trisha Greehalgh of Oxford University says that "Most cloth coverings are just fashion accessories"

ACGIH Research on Best Mask for Covid

As per a research conducted by ACGIH or American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, there are different effects of different types of masks.The research clears about how much time does it take to catch the corona virus spending upon the kind of mask you are using :

  • With No Mask: It will take 15 minutes to catch the virus from the source of infection if you have no mask on.
  • Cloth mask: It will take 20 minutes to catch the virus from the source of infection if you have a fashionable cloth mask on.
  • Surgical Mask: It will take 30 minutes for you to catch the virus from the source of infection if you have a Surgical Mask on.
  • N95: A N95 mask has been proved to be the most effective among all kinds of mask. It will take around 2.5 hours for the virus to reach you from the source of infection.  If the affected person also has a N95 mask on, and you also have the N95 mask on, in that given condition, it will keep you protected from the virus for nearly 25 hours.

Double mask method is also commendable if N95 mask is not available.

Right way to Use Mask in Covid Times

Wearing the mask  right way is as crucial as wearing the right mask is. If  you want to keep yourself protected from Covid virus, here are some key points that you should remember.

  • Right fit: Always use the right fit of the mask, It should be a tight fit, and not a loose one.
  • Covers Mouth and Nose: The mask should keep the mouth and nose properly covered.
  • No gaps: There should be no gap and unnecessary space between the face and the mask, masks with the nose wire are recommended for effective protection.
  • Right Placing: Just owning an N95 mask won’t keep you safe and protected, you have to place the mask right on your nose and mouth and not on the chin. 
  • How to keep a mask: If you want to know where and how you should place the mask when eating or not uig it, here we have a detailed article. To know more about it Click HERE.

How N95 or KN95 Mask is made

N95/ KN95: a layer of Polypropylene, a kind of plastic, which creates a strong barrier between you and the virus present in the environment. The plastic layer present in the mask provides a protcetion aginst the covidvirus that cloth mask and surgical mask can not.


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