Covid-19 New Variant: Coronavirus new variant 'Omicron' is more dangerous than Delta, know everything about this

Publish Date: 29 Nov, 2021 |

Covid-19 New Variant Omicron:

There has been a stir in many countries of the world after a new variant of the corona virus appeared. The World Health Organization has called this new variant B.1.1.529 and has been named Omicron. WHO has warned people considering it as dangerous. For the first time this week, the new variant was identified in South Africa. After that this strain has spread to many other nearby countries including Botswana.

How dangerous is the new variant?

WHO has also admitted that the new variant Omicron can prove to be dangerous for people. Expressing concern, it has been said that the new variant is going to spread rapidly. It is quite dangerous and infection has been found in both the people who have been vaccinated. Not only this, a person infected with the new variant in Israel was given a third booster dose along with both doses of corona vaccines. Scientists are doing analysis and it has been found that the new variant is spreading faster than any other variant including Delta.

What is the new variant of Corona, Omicron?

According to the information, Omicron has many spike protein mutations and is highly contagious. Omicron is a Greek word. Since the arrival of the covid-19 epidemic, many variants of it have come to the fore. Scientists are also keeping an eye on different variants of Corona. In this sequence, the committee formed to monitor genomics in South Africa recently discovered a new variant and named it B.1.1. The World Health Organization has named it Omicron.

Omicron is more dangerous than Delta

After the news of new variants of Corona, people's problems have increased. Many questions are arising in the mind. The team of doctors and experts is assuming that the new variant is more transmissible and it is efficient in defeating immunity faster. It is more dangerous than any variant till now. It is being said that people who had taken booster doses apart from the vaccine dose have also been found to have this infection.

However, the new variant is spreading rapidly in South Africa. Doctors and scientists have a special eye on this and various studies are being done. The need for booster dose is also being told compulsorily. Doctors believe that the effectiveness of the vaccine increases significantly with a booster dose. At present, many countries of the world have become cautious about travel restrictions so that people can be protected from infection.


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