Covid-19 Update: The third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic not to affect children much, claims WHO and AIIMS

Publish Date: 18 Jun, 2021 |

Covid-19 Update: 

The expected third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country has been claimed to not affect children below 18 years more than adults. In recent research being conducted in the country, the Seropositivity Rate in children was found to be relatively high, and hence, children above the age of 2 years can be affected less.

The Director of AIIMS, Dr. Randeep Guleria also stated the reason behind the fact saying that the virus enters our body through the ace receptors, which is found in the bodies of children relatively less than the adults. Moreover, if any infection enters the body of a child, the same will be mild in nature, as compared to adults. 

The data of the two waves of the Covid-19 pandemic have also supported the fact that the deadly virus is affecting children less as compared to adults. 

It must be noted that WHO has also claimed that the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India will not affect the children much, and the current research in the country has shown results in the favour of the claim.  



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