Covid 4th Wave: Corona Cases on a Decline in India but IIT Kanpur predicts possibility of Covid-19 4th wave- Watch Video

Publish Date: 19 May, 2022 |

The epicentre for coronavirus in India is Maharashtra. Daily more than 100 cases are registered in the state but hospitalisations have reduced substantially. Although the cases are on the decline, still the threat of coronavirus is still looming large in the country. DMAC has released a report on covid-19 by IIT Kanpur. A recent study by the IIT Kanpur has stated that the coronavirus 4th wave is expected to knock on the doors in the month of July in Maharasthra. There is a possibility that the cases in the state will again rise and the situation can become worse if precautions are not taken. 

 Will Corona Strike again in Maharashtra?

According to the researchers at the IIT Kanpur, the cases of coronavirus are likely to go on the peak in the month of September. To keep the situation under control nine jumbo centres will be kept ready in case the corona cases increase.  In past also the prediction of IIT Kanpur was proved to be true so the government is not showing any negligence and is stringently imposing measures to curb the cases. 


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