Covid Recovery Diet: Add these food to your diet for a fast post Covid recovery at home

Publish Date: 25 Jan, 2022 |

Covid: After the third wave of covid, the cases have hiked up exponentially. Not only this, the affected patients have reported sore throat, mild to high fever and weakness. The major symptoms may disappear within 1-2 weeks, however the weakness may take more than a while to go away. Here we will tell you about the diet and natural food sources that you can add into your meals as a preventive measure as well as follow as a diet for post covid recovery. If you have suffered covid do follow these diet suggestions, and if you know someone who has suffered from the virus lately, do share it with them:

Post COVID recovery diet tips to fight weakness

First of all, let’s understand the basics. After covid the body loses strength and you feel weak since the disease sucks the nourishment out of you. To get back to the healthy self, you have to refuel the system with good nutrition. You should keep taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor, but adding a good diet will definitely fasten your growth. Now let us know what you need to replenish your body. 

High Proteins 

Fibre Rich Food

Abundant Vitamins

Minerals: Zinc and Magnesium


Best Covid Recovery Food

Let’s have a look at the food sources where you can meet your nutritional needs easily:

Food with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals


All the dairy products like Milk, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Curd are really rich in proteins.

You can also add Dal or Pulses in your diet.

If you eat non veg food, add Eggs, Chicken and Fish.


To increase the amount of fibre in the diet, you should add Raw fruits and Veggies in your diet. So eat that salad and let your body recover soon.It will also help you with the issue of constipation


All the Orange, Red and Green coloured fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins

Dark green leafy vegetables have high vitamins in them.

For non veg eaters, all the non veg food are great sources of vitamins.

Rice milk, almond milk and other fortified food are also good vitamin sources. 


Zinc: Zinc is a mineral that works as an immunity booster. You can get enough Zinc from Nuts, Legumes like Chickpea, Kidney beans and Fish.


To increase the amount of Magnesium, you can add Nuts, Whole grains like Raagi, Jwara, Bajra, fruits like Banana, Dark Green leafy veg like Spinach, broccoli


Make sure you take enough liquid and keep yourself well hydrated. Take 12-15 glasses of water, or ingest jasmine tea or Kadha.


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