Covid vaccine side effects: solution for pain and swelling in the arm after getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?- Watch Video

Publish Date: 17 Jul, 2021 |

Covid-19 vaccine side effects:

The outbreak of corona infection continues across the country. Experts are constantly telling us that the biggest weapon to prevent infection is a vaccine. In such a situation, if you have not yet applied or are about to get the vaccine, then you know that there are many people who have seen some symptoms in the body after getting the vaccine. For example, many people felt dizzy or mild fever after the first dose of the vaccine, while most people got to experience this after the booster dose.

Are the side effects harmful?

Don't be afraid of post-vaccination problems. Post-vaccination pain, swelling or redness at the injection site, mild fever, headache, minor weakness or slight joint pain are common side effects of the vaccine, which may last for a few days. You Will be fine. 

This happens, Because it is part of the defense process of our body. Whenever any external thing enters inside our body, our body fights against that external thing by increasing its temperature, due to this fever comes, as well as the antibodies which are already in the body. They will protect you.

It is normal to have these problems -


Many people feel pain at the place where the injection is done on the arm. Sometimes the skin of the hand also becomes red. This pain gets better on its own in a day or two. Do not apply ice if there is pain where the injection has been done. 


Headache has also become the second most reported symptom among the vaccines being administered in India and abroad. Headache also means that the body is getting ready against the virus.


Fatigue or tiredness can occur even after getting the vaccine shot, it can also mean that the body is defending against the virus. Fatigue has also become a very common symptom at this time of pandemic. 

What is the remedies for pain relief 

During this, keep drinking enough water. If the side-effects seen after getting the vaccine are more severe or do not get better after a week, then the doctor should be contacted. Some people immediately after the vaccine, some people feel side effects after 24 hours. Therefore, after taking the vaccine, pay attention to your health for at least two days. After getting the vaccine, take complete rest for at least 2-3 days.


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