Create Different Outfits Using Just A White Hoodie | HerZindagi I Fenil Urmigar

Publish Date: 03 Jan, 2023 |
Young people today place a great deal of importance on winter styling. Additionally, picking out clothing for the day can be challenging with winter at our doorstep. However, Fenil Urmigar will show us how to pair a specific hoodie with a variety of other clothing accessories to create a new appearance every other day in this video.

Styling outfits Using Just A White Hoodie 

  • White Hoodie with Bootcut jeans- Bootcut jeans are totally in this season, be it your casual outing or a lunch date you can always style your hoodies with your favorite pair of bootcut jeans.
  • White Hoodie with hot pants- When it’s winters and sunny outside, styling your hoodie with a hot pant is an ideal choice while basking in the sun.
  • White Hoodie with mini skirt- We heard it’s a party tonight? Well, we got you covered up, try a hoodie with mini skirt and you can always opt for skin colored stockings.
  • White hoodie with a track pant- For all the fitness freaks out there styling your favorite hoodie with a track pant definitely works.


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