Crime Story: Shraddha Murder Case was like Dehradun's Anupama Gulati murder case.

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2022 |

Everyone is shocked to know about the Shraddha Walkar murder case of Delhi. People are not able to understand what kind of crime this is. And what is the level of crime in which a person can reach this type of insanity. Some psychologists are considering him as a psycho killer, and the society is seeing him as a criminal. There is another case similar to this one in the history of Indian crime, about which the people of that era were surprised to hear. This case was named Anupama Gulati hatyakand 2010.

Anupama Gulati murder story

Rajesh Gulati of Delhi's Satya Niketan met Anupama, a resident of Dwarka area, in 1992 in America. Both had an affair for seven years. After that both of them got married in 1999. Everything was not going well between the two. After returning from America in 2008, Anupama started living with the children in her maternal home. The matter between the two had reached the court. Both of them had two children.

After returning from India, Rajesh went to Calcutta for a job and their he met a colleague who got interested in him and they both started an affair. They started living together and after sometime also got married. After some time Rajesh lost his job and the other lady also went back to her husband. On the other hand, Rajesh and Anupama started mending their relationship through email and tried to work on their marriage. But things were not so easy because Rajesh was in contact with his colleague with whom he had the affair. This lead to problems between the couple and Rajesh murdered Anupama.

Rajesh cut Anupama into 72 pieces and stored them in a deep freezer. His neighbours had no idea about the murder. Rajesh started throwing the pieces in deep ends of Dehradun. He kept updating Anupama’s friends and family through emails to avoid any attention. But after two months when Anupama’s brother could not contact his sister, he went to Rajesh’s house and started searching the entire house. He was shocked when he found his sister’s 27 remaining pieces in the freezer. Rajesh was arrested and when interrogated, he told the police that he looked for murdering videos on the internet and got inspired by the movie “silence of the lamb”. Rajesh Gulati is currently serving a life sentence in Dehradun's Suddowala Jail after being convicted by a local court in September 2017. 


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