Cyclone Gulab to now hit and cause troubles in Mumbai and other areas of Maharashtra

Publish Date: 27 Sep, 2021 |

After causing destruction in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, the cyclone Gulab will now affect the state of Maharashtra. According to the weather department, the cyclone has weakened in north Andhra Pradesh and Southern Orissa and its effects will now be felt in Maharashtra and several areas of Mumbai. 

Cyclone Gulab to now hit Mumbai and Maharashtra

According to the weather department, Mumbai and Maharashtra might face heavy winds during the next 12 hours, hence, alert has been issued in several areas of Maharashtra, which might face heavy rainfall. The effects of cyclone will also be witnessed in Mumbai and Konkan region,which can also experience heavy rainfall till September 29,2021. Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is on high alert.People in Mumbai are asked to remain careful and attentive.

Cyclone to reach West Bengal by September 29

Fishermen in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal have been asked to not enter the sea until next information as the sea might face strong waves. According to the weather department, the cyclone will reach the coastal areas of West Bengal by 29 September and hence alert has been issued. Southern West Bengal can face heavy rainfall on 28 and 29 September. 

Deep depression formed in Bay of Bengal developed into cyclone Gulab on Saturday night, which caused heavy destruction in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. It striked at the coastal areas of the two states at around the speed of 95 km/h on Sunday. The heavy rainfall that followed the cyclone has disturbed the life and living of residents.Some fishermen have gone missing, search of whom continues. Over 39,000 people have been rescued in Orissa. The weather department had already issued red alert after observing the wind-speed of 75-85 km/h before the cyclone caused terror.



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