Cyclone Mocha: Cyclone Mocha may take a severe form, high alert for coastal areas. weather updates

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 11 May, 2023
Cyclone Mocha: Tornado | Weather Update- In numerous areas around the nation, a warning has been issued regarding the Moka storm. The nation's coastline states in particular have been urged to exercise caution. The deployment of SDRF and NDRF teams is being considered as a precaution. Currently, a forecast concerning Moka's potential effects has been released by the meteorological department.

Cyclone Mokha update

As per the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), a deep depression has transformed into a cyclonic storm called Mocha and is presently situated around 510 kilometers towards the west-southwest of Port Blair and 1210 kilometers towards the south-southwest of Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh) as of 5:30 AM on May 11th. The IMD has predicted that the storm will escalate into a severe cyclonic storm by midnight today. In the meantime, a heatwave alert has been declared in the state and is valid until May 12. Although Cyclone Mocha is expected to hit the landmass between Bangladesh and Myanmar, it is unlikely to cause any significant impact on Bengal.

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