Cyclone Mocha: Storm causes destruction in Bangladesh and Myanmar; refugees shifted to safe places

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 15 May, 2023

Cyclone Mocha: The coastal regions of Bangladesh and Myanmar are suffering significant damage from cyclone Mocha. Strong gusts and heavy rains are pounding the coastal regions of both countries as a result of the effects of this major storm.

In some locations, the wind might gust as high as 250 kph. Major landslides have occurred in numerous locations in the Naaf River, which separates Bangladesh and Myanmar, as a result of the storm and the severe rains.

The cyclonic storm was so strong that it entirely flooded the port city of Sittwe in Myanmar. Around 400,000 people were relocated to safer areas in Myanmar and Bangladesh in response to the Cyclone Mocha warning. A warning was issued by the government and relief organizations regarding one of the strongest storms to ever hit the area.

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