Dawood Ibrahim married a Pathan woman and became son-in-law of Pakistan

Publish Date: 17 Jan, 2023 |

There is proof that Pakistan is home to some of the world's most sought criminals. Now Dawood has not only altered his address to fool the world. In reality, he wed a Pakistani woman for a second time; this Dawood-related revelation surfaced during the NIA interview. 

Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew makes revelations

Alishah Parkar, the son of Haseena Parkar and the nephew of Dawood Ibrahim, has revealed a number of things while being questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Despite not divorcing his first wife, Mahjabeen, Alishah revealed to the NIA that Dawood had remarried a Pakistani Pathan woman. Dawood has changed his address in Karachi, Pakistan, in addition to getting remarried. Charges have been laid in the terror funding case by the NIA. According to the organisation, Alishah's declaration included details regarding Dawood's full family tree.

Alishah tells Dawood location

The NIA was informed by Ali Shah, the son of Dawood's sister Haseena Parkar, that he had met Dawood Ibrahim's first wife in Dubai in July 2022 and that she had informed him of Dawood's previous marriage. Mehjabeen Sheikh, according to Ali Shah, communicates with Dawood's family members in India via WhatsApp calls. Ali Shah, Haseena Parkar's son, also provided information to the NIA regarding Dawood Ibrahim's whereabouts and said the crime boss still resides in Karachi but that his whereabouts have changed.


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