Dehradun CloudBurst: Destruction due to cloudburst in Uttarakhand, water filled in Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple

Publish Date: 20 Aug, 2022 |

Dehradun CloudBurst: Cloudburst late at night caused havoc in Dehradun, the state capital of Uttarakhand. SDRF team arrived at the location right away. Everyone who was stranded in the village has been rescued. In a neighbouring resort, several individuals have sought refuge as well.

Cloudburst in Dehradun causes havoc

The early morning downpour in Uttarakhand caused significant destruction in a number of regions. The nearby Dehradun areas of Maldevta Sarkhet, Tehri, and Yamkeshwar have been severely damaged by cloudburst. According to District Magistrate Sonika, the accident left five people missing. while three villagers sustain serious wounds. The injured have been brought to a hospital. However, in the village of Kothar in the Kirtinagar region, a landslide at around 7 am buried a 14–15 room house building beneath the debris. As a result, Bachni Devi, who was 80 years old, was buried.


Teams from the NDRF, SDRF, and disaster management have arrived on the scene to rescue persons who have been trapped by the accident. Ganesh Joshi, a cabinet minister, has also been to the location. The tragic rescue effort is now underway at the spot. The NDRF and STF are looking for persons who have gone missing since the catastrophe. The District Magistrate provided information about the entire occurrence to the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary.


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