Delhi Air Pollution: Know in detail what all will be banned, and what will be allowed to curb the pollution in Delhi

Publish Date: 23 Nov, 2021 |

Delhi Air Pollution:

Since October, due to air pollution, toxic air starts troubling the people of Delhi-NCR. Due to a surge in air pollution, the weather turns hazy and there is burning in the eyes and also sore throat. Due to this, the Delhi Government has temporarily banned some things in Delhi to reduce air pollution. At the same time, fines are also being imposed on those who do not follow the government order and spread air pollution. But when the level of air pollution decreases, some relief is provided in the restrictions imposed.

Schools closed, an exemption in construction work:

With the increasing level of air pollution in Delhi-NCR, the Delhi government issued an order to close the school college. Schools were closed till 26th November to avoid the impact of pollution on school children and online classes are being continued. At the same time, construction work is also banned which is one of the biggest reasons involved in increasing air pollution.

But as soon as the level of air pollution came down on Saturday and Sunday, some relief was given for the construction work. But with this relief, a guideline of 14 points has also been issued, only by following the guideline, construction work can be done in Delhi, while not following the rules, will lead to an imposition of a fine.

A ban on the entry of trucks, but they will get an exemption:

The entry of trucks has been banned in Delhi till further orders. Trucks carrying non-essential goods will not be allowed entry and no concession is being given to diesel-run trucks. Certain exemptions have been given to commercial vehicles running on CNG. But in Delhi, only those trucks are being given entry which are bringing essential items of food and drink. It must be noted that the smoke emanating from vehicles is also a major reason for increasing PM 2.5 in air pollution.

Work from home orders given with 50% capacity:

The Delhi government has issued orders for work from home with a 50% capacity. While ordering all the offices, it has been said that 50% of the total number of employees of their respective offices should be made to work at home and the remaining 50% in the office.

A ban on operating generators and burning garbage:

The Delhi government has also banned the running of smoke-spewing generators. Large generators are run in markets, in hotels-restaurants, in marriage ceremonies, and especially in resident societies. Thousands of liters of diesel burn during this that release smoke and in view of this, the generator has been banned. Along with this, along with banning the burning of garbage in public places and around the road, the rule of the fine has also been kept. So far, in many places, fines have been collected for burning garbage in the open.



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