Delhi Crime: Keshav, the killer of four people, said – was hatching a conspiracy for many days, has taken every step thoughtfully

Publish Date: 24 Nov, 2022 |

Keshav, accused of killing four people of the same family in Delhi's Palam area, has made a shocking disclosure during police interrogation. Accused Keshav has told that he has executed this incident under a well-thought-out conspiracy. 

He was plotting for several days to kill the family members. He had brought the knife as part of the conspiracy. On Wednesday, four people of the same family were murdered in Palam area of Delhi. The police had arrested Keshav (25), accused of murder. Keshav has killed his parents, grandmother and sister.

Keshav was addicted to drugs

Palam police station has registered an FIR and arrested Keshav. The accused already has a criminal history. Cases of robbery, snatching and liquor smuggling have been registered against him. According to the police, Keshav is addicted to drugs. He used to demand money from parents and grandmother all the time for drugs and threatened to kill everyone if they did not give. On Tuesday too, a quarrel had started regarding this.

Keshav was unemployed

Accused Keshav was currently unemployed. Kuldeep told that when he came home from the shop at around quarter to ten on Wednesday night, he heard noise at uncle's house. Keshav often used to create ruckus when he was drunk, so Kuldeep didn't notice anything unusual, but then came the sound of Urvashi screaming. When Kuldeep ran upstairs, the door of the house was locked from inside. By then the noise had stopped.


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