Delhi Crime: Sleeping pills, alcohol and cut body in 10 pieces after the murder. Trilokpuri Murder

Publish Date: 29 Nov, 2022 |

On Monday, the police revealed the murder case in Delhi's Trilokpuri. In this incident like Shraddha murder case, the woman murdered her husband along with her son. Cut it into 10 pieces, kept them in the fridge and kept throwing them in the surrounding areas for several days. Police said that the accused woman and her son were arrested in this case on Monday. Police said Anjan Das (45) was murdered by his wife Poonam (48) and step-son Deepak (25) of Kalyanpuri on May 30

Mixed pills in alcohol

According to the police, the reason for this heinous crime was the fact that Das allegedly had ill intentions towards his daughter in law and Deepak's wife. According to the police, he was also sending Poonam's earnings to his second wife and eight children in Bihar. Poonam used to work as a domestic help in the area. According to the police, in April, Poonam conspired to kill Das with the help of her son Deepak. Police said that on May 30, both the accused made his drink alcohol mixed with sleeping pills.

Shraddha Walker case led to this one

His leg, thigh, skull and a hand were recovered over the next few days, following which a case was registered at the Pandav Nagar police station under Indian Penal Code sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing destruction of evidence and giving false information). As gruesome details of the Shraddha Walker murder case began to emerge earlier this month, so too did the investigation into whether the unidentified body parts were hers. But later it was found that these pieces belonged to a man.


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