Delhi: In Shraddha Murder Case, Zomato increased Delhi Police's Confusion, tussle over Evidence

Publish Date: 30 Nov, 2022 |

Arranging Evidence in Shraddha Walker Murder Case is becoming a challenge for Delhi Police. Because if the evidence is not presented convincingly and correctly, then it is possible that Aaftab Amin Poonawala may get a lesser punishment or it may be that Poilce's deficiency will get full benefit. But the Delhi Police is also trying its best in this. 

Zomato submits report

According to Delhi Police sources, food delivery app Zomato has submitted a report of ordering food from Aftab's phone. In this, it is told that before May 18, Aftab was ordering food for two people, while after that he used to order food for one person. It has also been revealed in Zomato's report that in the end of May, Aftab had drastically reduced the online ordering of food. Police sources say that Aftab ordered food on various delivery apps and the quantity reduced over time, indicating that only one person was eating.

Police had asked for details from the dating app

Police has also asked for details from the dating app. On which Aftab and Shraddha met three years ago. Sources said that the evidence also shows that both Aftab and Shraddha were present in the flat at the time of the murder. However, the police are yet to recover Shraddha's mobile phone. Sources also told that the police have also found some clothes of Aftab and Shraddha, which have been sent to CFSL for investigation. These appear to be the same clothes that were used at the time of the incident, which will become clear from the rest of the CFSL report.


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