Delhi Murder Case: 35 pieces of Shraddha done by Aftab, after 180 days, the police took out the clue of the murder

Publish Date: 14 Nov, 2022 |

The police of Mehrauli police station area of the country's capital Delhi has arrested a person, whose name is being told as Aftab, while explaining the case of a murder that happened about 6 months ago. According to the information, Aftab and Shraddha had a friendship while working in a coal center in Mumbai. Friendship gradually turned into love, after which both of them fled to Delhi after opposing the family.

Police caught Aftab through technical surveillance

With the help of technical surveillance, Delhi Police started looking for Aftab, after which Aftab was caught on the basis of a secret information. In police interrogation, the accused told that Shraddha was constantly pressurizing him to marry, due to which frequent quarrels started between them. After this, he brutally murdered him in the month of May and cut the dead body into pieces and threw it in the forest at different places. 

According to police sources, the accused Aftab had cut Shraddha into about 35 pieces, which he brought after buying a freeze and kept it in it. For about 18 days, he kept the pieces of these dead bodies and kept throwing them in the forests of Mehrauli. For this work, he used to leave only late at night. 

Aftab was a former Chef

According to sources, Aftab used to work as a chef before working in the call center. He knew how to cut the body with a weapon. It is alleged that the accused used to light incense sticks so that the dead body did not smell in the apartment. Police sources said that the accused had allegedly strangled the girl to death after an argument on May 18, as she was insisting that the two get married. 


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