Delhi Murder Case: 4 brutal incidents happened even before Shraddha, many pieces were done | Aftab | Anupama- Watch Video

Publish Date: 17 Nov, 2022 |

Twelve years before Shraddha Walkar's murder shook the country, Dehradun experienced its own nightmare in the form of Anupama Gulati's murder, in which her husband sawed her body into 72 pieces and froze them before dumping them over a period of several days.

There are several similarities between the two heinous murders. Experts here say they not only reveal the killers' brutality, but also that the murders were premeditated and not committed in a fit of rage. Former Dehradun Senior Superintendent of Police G S Martolia, who oversaw the Anupam Gulati murder case, told PTI that people who commit such murders cannot be considered "normal."

"In my entire career, I had never come across a case like this where the killer perpetrated such brutal atrocities on the dead body," Martolia added.


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