Delhi Murder Case: Aftab’s google search records after murdering Shraddha revealed

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2022 |

Shraddha murder case: Every day new revealations are being made in Sharddha murder case . About 20 bones have so far been discovered by the investigation teams from the Mehrauli police station in South Delhi and FSL Rohini. However, it is now unknown if it belongs to a human or an animal. Police combed through the remains in the Chhatarpur forests in this case on Thursday as well. There was something recovered, which the cops carried away after stuffing it in a sack. Following the detention of Amin Poonawalla the police have obtained authorization from the court to do a narcotics test on him. There is ongoing questioning of the arrested suspect.

Aftab’s google search records 

Aftab conducted many Google searches to learn about various methods of preserving the corpse, according to the most recent information from the investigative team. He kept his everyday food items in the same refrigerator where several pieces of the dead body were packaged and preserved. The body was reportedly chopped into pieces by Aftab using a knife, saw, and choppers.After choking her to death Aftab took the body in the bathroom and turned on the water tap to avoid getting caught while performing the heinous act.  Aftab's water bill was discovered to be unpaid during the investigation.


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