Delhi Murder Case: New twist in Shraddha Murder case from water bill, Aftab used to check tank daily- Watch Video

Publish Date: 17 Nov, 2022 |
New and shocking revelations are happening daily in the investigation of Delhi Police in the barbaric murder case of Shraddha Walker, a young woman from Mumbai. Meanwhile, the water bill of the Chhatarpur flat in Delhi where accused Aftab Amin Poonawala killed Shraddha can also become important evidence in the investigation. According to Delhi Police sources, Aftab-Shraddha has an outstanding water bill of Rs 300. It is being said that after the murder, Aftab used a lot of water to clean the blood stains, due to which the water bill and bill got pending. Neighbours told the police that Aftab used to regularly go to check the water tank of the building.

High Water Bill

Thee water bill of the three-storey house came more in May 2022. In such a situation, it is feared that Aftab may have used more water to wash the blood stains after Shraddha's murder, due to which the water bill came higher. At the same time, it has also come to light that Aftab did not even deposit the water bill for the month of May.It is a different matter that Aftab lived with girlfriend Shraddha on the first floor of the three-storey house and the bill for all three flats used to come together. May was the first time when water use was high, whereas the months before and after that did not use as much water.

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