Delhi Murder Case: Why is the search for Shraddha's head necessary? Aftab is misleading Delhi Police

Publish Date: 17 Nov, 2022 |

Aftab, the accused in the Shraddha murder case, confessed his crime, many evidences were also found, but still this mystery is yet to be solved completely. To get to the bottom of which, the police is searching for that important part of Shraddha's body, which can reveal the secret of this murder case. Yes, Shraddha's head. That is an important clue, which the police is investigating to find out, so now let us tell you how Shraddha's head can finally reveal the secret of the murder.

Shraddha’s head still not found

In the initial investigation, as simple as the mystery of Shraddha's murder seemed, it seems to be complicated. The biggest problem of the police is that till now Shraddha's head has not been found from the place mentioned by Aftab. About 13 bones have been recovered by the police from Mehrauli forest, which have been sent to the forensic lab and are being investigated. After this, the DNA of these bones will be matched with the DNA of Shraddha's father.

Aftab is not cooperating in the investigation

The police want to conduct a narco test on Shraddha's murder accused lover Aftab Poonawalla for several reasons. Police say that Aftab is not cooperating in the investigation. He is not giving correct information about Shraddha's mobile phone and saw used to cut the dead body. Aftab sometimes tells that he threw the mobile phone in Delhi and sometimes tells that he threw it in Maharashtra. Police is trying to know the whole truth through narco test, so that mobile phone and saw can be recovered.


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