Delhi Murder Case: Will Aftab open the secrets of death in Shraddha Waqar Murder case?, Demand for narco test

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2022 |

People are expressing a lot of anger through social media regarding the murder of Shraddha in Delhi's Mehrauli area. On social media platforms, people are appealing for the harshest punishment for the accused Aftab. The police is looking for the murder weapon and the head of the body. Murder accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla has told that he had thrown the head at the end. The police will take Aftab to the Mehrauli forest on Wednesday as well.

Delhi Police carried investigation at Aftab’s house

Delhi Police team has reached the house of accused Aftab in Mehrauli and carried out investigation. Along with a fridge, noodle and water heaters have also been found in the house. It is being told that incense sticks were used along with room fresheners so that the smell did not come. He had emptied a lot of room fresheners in about 22 days. Thermocol has also been found in the room. Apart from this, a vacuum cleaner was also used after Shraddha's murder. Aftab did not go around to buy food. According to Delhi Police sources, only one weapon was used to cut Shraddha's body parts. 

Aftab’s narco test on Wednesday

Delhi Police has taken Aftab in remand for 5 days. They will also conduct narco test on him today. Delhi Police has summoned the report from the dating app Bumble. The police have asked Bumble how many girls Aftab has contacted so far. Senior police officer said that Shraddha's close friend Laxman has also been called for questioning. Laxman had claimed that he had spoken to Shraddha in July.


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