Delhi Riots: Delhi HC rejects bail plea of the accused; says the riots were pre-planned

Publish Date: 28 Sep, 2021 |

Delhi riots are once again in limelight as now Delhi High Court, during a case hearing, has said that the violence during the Delhi riots,last year, wasn’t incidental but was pre-planned. The court said this while giving reference to a video on Delhi riots.

The comment came on the hearing of the bail plea of an accused. Justice Subramonium Prasad said that the shaking riots of Delhi weren’t accidental. The attitude of rioters clearly displayed that riots were well organised to obstruct the functioning of government and life of local residents. 

Bail Plea of the accused rejected

Delhi HC rejected the bail plea, while saying that the accused could be seen with a sword in the video and it was enough to keep him in custody.

Kapil mishra, who was accused of provoking the riots, also applauded High court’s decision. Last year, in February, Riots erupted in North-east Delhi that continued for around 3 days and had devastating impact. Around 795 FIRs were registered related to the case. The matter was also politicised by several political parties who levied allegations against each other for provoking the riots. Several questions were raised on the investigation carried out by Delhi HC as well.



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