Delhi Sultanpuri Girl Accident: Crowd rage broke out on AAP MLA's car

Publish Date: 02 Jan, 2023 |

In Delhi's Sultanpuri neighbourhood early on Sunday, a girl was killed after being dragged for 12 kilometres by a car. The scooter-riding girl was struck by the motorist. Five persons were detained by the police in this case, but as the family members' rage has grown, they have protested vehemently against the police.

Protestors gather outside Delhi’s LG’s house

Numerous people gathered in front of the Sultanpuri police station and the home of Delhi's Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena to call for the youths involved in the incident to get harsh punishment. Images taken from LG's home show the gathering being scattered by water cannons. The police, according to the protesters, are treating the incident like an accident.

CM Kejriwal gives reaction

The demonstrators also attacked and vandalised a car in front of the police station during this time. It is being told that this car belongs to Aam Aadmi Party MLA Rakhi Birlan. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, has also responded to this occurrence in a very harsh manner. According to him, these guys ought to be executed. The protesters asked that the police turn over the accused at the same time. Angry people demanded that the accused be given to them because they would administer justice on their own.


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