Delhi Sultanpuri Girl Accident: The pain of the mother of the deceased, says my daughter was the man of the house

Publish Date: 04 Jan, 2023 |

The five accused knew that someone was stuck in their car after colliding with a scooter but did not stop, dragging a 20-year-old lady behind them for approximately 12 miles in Delhi's Kanjhawala neighbourhood. This has been asserted by her buddy who was present when the tragedy happened and was with the deceased.

Victim’s mother gives statement

At the same time, the mother of the deceased has made a statement that has come to light, claiming that not only was she my daughter but also the mother of my home in an interview with a news channel. She was formerly a woman who supported herself by working. She used to bring everything, whether it was my medicine or vegetables. He married the younger sister when the opportunity arose for him. used to greet guests and scatter flowers at celebrations.


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