Delhi will see strong winds for three days, saying goodbye to spring early

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 03 Mar, 2023

The weather in Delhi continued to be the same throughout the month of March. The temperature has been five degrees above average for the past ten days. For the next four to five days, the weather trend is likely to stay the same. In addition, rain may be expected across Gujarat, South Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra starting on March 4. Moreover, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh may experience high winds during the day.

Reduction in pollution from now

The pollution level will decrease on Friday and Saturday, according to the prediction. It will stay at its current level. On March 5 there can be a small increase after that, but its level will stay the same. The pollution level is also anticipated to stay normal for the following six days. Thursday saw winds out of the northwest blowing between 8 and 12 kilometres per hour. As the winds pick in pace, they can now travel between 12 and 20 kilometres per hour. There will be less pollution as a result.

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