Delicious Omelette With Cheese & Mushroom Stuffing Recipe | Nikita Varma

Publish Date: 19 Sep, 2022 |
Nikita Varma, a food blogger, adds a twist to the simple omelette. Here's how to make this omelette, which is filled with cheese and good-for-you mushrooms, the star of your breakfast and lunch. For the simplest method of preparing this delectable omelette at home, watch the video.

Omelette With Cheese & Mushroom Stuffing Recipe 


  • Eggs
  • Black pepper
  • Mushroom
  • Salt to taste
  • Onion
  • Oil
  • cream

Recipe to make Omelette With Cheese & Mushroom Stuffing

  • Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl
  • Add pepper and salt to the egg, give it a good mix
  • In a pan heat some oil and add some chopped onions in it
  • Add thin sliced mushroom in the pan
  • Saute it till golden brown and then add some cream to it
  • Keep it aside in a bowl to cool down
  • Take another pan, pour some oil and grease it well
  • Add few sliced mushroom and fry it well
  • Now add the mixture of egg in it
  • Add cheese slice 
  • Then add the mushroom which were previously kept aside
  • Wrap it well and Tadaa!!!! It’s ready

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