Dengue Outbreak: Delhi-UP face increasing number of Dengue Cases; toll of patients increased to 13000 in UP

Publish Date: 19 Oct, 2021 |

Dengue Outbreak in Delhi

The spread of COVID-19 Virus has got slow but the country is facing a new health challenge in the form of Dengue-Viral Fever. With heavy rainfall being faced by several parts of the nation, cases of Dengue and Viral Fever are increasing day by day. 

The capital city witnessed the first death caused by Dengue on Monday while total 723 Dengue cases have been registered, which are more than the one registered in 2018. 217 cases were registered in October this year, which were the highest in past 3 years.

Dengue Outbreak in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh experienced the disaster of CVOID-19’s second wave which took lives of thousands of people. The state is now facing the serious challenge of Dengue Outbreak as well which has affected around 17000 people of the state. The number of patients in hospitals, suffering from cold and cough are constantly increasing.  The state registered 2,073 cases from January 1 to September 12. But now the number of patients has jumped to 13,060. More than 100 people have lost their lives due to Dengue. 

Cause of Dengue Outbreak

The delay in monsoon departure has caused a moderate atmosphere, with neither Summer Season nor the Winter Season dominating the weather conditions. This type of atmosphere is considered to be the most suitable one for mosquito breeding. Dengue Mosquito lays eggs in clean water. Hence, people should make sure that they don’t let the water stagnate around their homes and localities and should maintain cleanliness. 

Prevention of Dengue Viral Fever

The Union health Ministry and States’ health ministries are taking every possible step to obstruct the spread of Dengue. Team of health department surveys 50 homes around the dengue patient’s home and tries to identify other dengue patients and after that executes Fogging and Anti-Lava Spray. 

Dengue Viral Fever

Dengue is a viral fever which spreads through virus and is caused by the bite of Aedes Mosquito. The mosquito usually bites in morning. Dengue fever is usually of four types, of which D2 Strain is considered to be very dangerous and is considered as Dengue Shock Syndrome by the doctors. This strain can also take one’s life. 


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