Dengue Outbreak: Dengue fever creates terror in states; condition serious in Delhi and UP

Publish Date: 09 Nov, 2021 |

After Corona Virus, the outbreak of Dengue is now causing terror among the people. In National Capital Delhi, 1000 cases of Dengue were reported in last week. Uttar Pradesh too recorded second highest number of cases in the state. The highest one came in 2016. Condition in Punjab is even worse as there is shortage of Paracetamol in the state.  In Rajasthan also, the terror of dengue is prevalent. Similarly other states including Jammu and Kashmir are also facing the problem of dengue outbreak. 

Special Wards have been created to treat the patients with the viral fever. 

Here is the condition of Dengue Outbreak in Delhi:

  • 1,171 cases of Dengue were found in National Capital Delhi in last week. 

  • 2,075 cases have been recorded until now

  • Three people lost their lives last week

  • The total death toll has increased to 9

Due to heavy rainfall in the months of September and October, water got accumulated on roads due to which diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya spreaded tremendously. In order to stop the spread of Dengue fever and breeding of mosquitoes, operation is being carried on in Delhi. 

Legal notice to 270 such houses where the mosquito breeding was found, was served by the health department. 76 invoice action was taken by the department of Health. 


Here is the condition of Dengue in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Around 23,000 cases have been registered in the state until now

  • Most of the cases were found in the districts of Firozabad, Lucknow, Jhansi, Ghaziabad and Prayagraj.

  • This year 23,065 Dengue cases have been confirmed.

  • 8 patients have lost their lives to Dengue until now.

Government has assured that work is being done based on the model of Testing, Tracking and Treatment. Also, according to the state government, cleaning and sprinkling is being done in every year. The government has also claimed that there is no shortage of beds in the state and till November-end the disease will be controlled. 

Here is the condition of Dengue in Punjab:

  • 18,266 dengue cases have been reported in Punjab till now

  • 60 people have lost their lives to Dengue

  • In 2017, 15,398 cases of Dengue were registered.

  • Amritsar, Mohali, Bathinda, Hoshiarpur, Pathankot, Ludhiana and Muktsar are the most affected districts.

  • Mohali has recorded the most number of dengue cases- 3,162.

  • 32 people succumbed to Dengue

According to the health officials, 15 lakh houses were inspected out of which larva of Aedes was found in 35,000 houses.


Here is the condition of Dengue in Rajasthan:

  • More than 13000 patients of Dengue have been found

  • 58 patients lost their lives owing to Dengue

  • DANV-2 Type is creating havoc in the state

Here is the condition of Dengue in Jammu and Kashmir:

  • More than 1,175 cases of Dengue are exposed in the state until now

  • 4 people succumbed to Dengue

  • Most of the cases were found in Jammu Division

The health department has created special ward for people who require treatment from Dengue. Officials have said that there is neither shortage of beds nor there is any need to panic. In order to assist the health officials in Jammu and Kashmir, a medical team has been sent to the Union Territory from Delhi.



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