Dengue Outbreak: Dengue Viral fever causes terror in national capital and 6 other states

Publish Date: 02 Nov, 2021 |

The general public can definitely be relieved during the festival season as the pace and frequency of COVID-19 Cases has declined significantly. 10,423 fresh cases of COVID-19 were detected in the last 24 hours while 443 people lost their lives due to the viral. While the Coronavirus has become somewhat inactive, the Dengue fever has started creating havoc. 

The states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Tamil Nadu are utmost affected by the Dengue Outbreak.

Dengue Cases in Delhi

Talking about Delhi, the cases of Dengue are increasing continuously in the national capital breaking records of previous years. Ample number of people are admitted to hospitals. 1537 cases of Dengue have come into notice until now in Delhi, out of which 6 patients have died. 531 cases were exposed last week only in Delhi NCR. In October alone 1,196 cases were detected while 217 cases were registered in September.

The number of cases is enough to justify that the Dengue is at peak in the capital region, which is definitely not a good news, keeping in mind especially the festival season that lies ahead. According to the stats published by the Delhi Municipal Corporation, this is third time when such a large number of cases have come up in the month of October. 

Review meeting of Central Government

The Central government too has taken a note of the significant increase in the number of Dengue Cases in Delhi. The  Union Minister for health, Mansukh Mandaviya called a meeting on Monday to review the Dengue situation in the union territory. The minister in the meeting said that poor people are neither treated properly nor the information about their death is provided. He also urged to carry out early identification, fogging and timely treatment. He also informed that an expert team is being sent by the central government to the places where the number of Dengue cases are rising. 

Dengue in other states

Many districts of Uttar Pradesh are also facing enormous increase in Dengue cases. Other than this, in Gurugram, Haryana around 217 Dengue cases were registered in the past 25 days. Whereas in Rajasthan more than 2700 fresh cases of Dengue were spotted in last 25 days. In Mandsaur , Madhya Pradesh 1277 cases were exposed. 

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue is a viral fever which is caused due to the bite of Aedes mosquito. The mosquito usually lays eggs in fresh water. So one shouldn’t let the water get accumulated near the houses. The mosquito usually bites in daytime and causes usually 4 types of viral fever. Out of these 4, D2 Strain is considered the most poisonous one as it gets transferred very quickly and can sometimes be life-taking. Doctors also call it Dengue Shock Syndrome.


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