Digvijay Singh caught the collar of the police officer, lot of scuffle in the district panchayat president election

Publish Date: 30 Jul, 2022 |

During the Jila Panchayat Adhyaksh Election Result in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, former CM Digvijay Singh was furious. The matter increased so much that Digvijay Singh caught hold of the police officer on duty. The video of this incident is also going viral. As soon as the video became viral, Digvijay Singh has come under the target of BJP. CM Shivraj Singh sharply criticized Digvijay Singh on this matter and said that the Congress has been shocked by the loss of its ground.

BJP targets Digvijay Singh

BJP State President Vishnudutt Sharma termed the incident of misbehavior by former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh with a police officer during the Bhopal District Panchayat election as shameful. He said that such behavior does not suit the former Chief Minister, the way he grabbed the collar of a police officer and scuffled at the constituency, it is very shameful. He said that the basic character of Congress has been that of criminalisation. When Digvijay Singh was the Chief Minister, he encouraged criminals. Even when the Kamal Nath government was there for 15 months, goondaism prevailed in the state. 

He said that today Kamal Nath is missing from the election and all the pressure was on Digvijay Singh, due to this also Digvijay Singh has come down on hooliganism due to the anguish of defeat. He asked Digvijay Singh that defeat in elections is a victory, but who gave you the right to take law in your hands?

CM Shivraj on the ruckus

Responding to this, CM Shivraj said that "Such indecent behavior does not suit any former Chief Minister. Holding the collar of the police officer. Trying to break the collectorate's gate by pushing. Jai, defeat in democracy." But who has given you this right to hold the collar of a police officer? The CM said that this is a symbol of the anger of the Congress. If the ground slips, abuse the collar, hold the collar, I strongly condemn it.


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