Digvijay Singh threaten authorities in Madhya Pradesh; will not spare if Congress comes

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 21 Mar, 2023

“Minister, if you do not improve and if the Congress government comes, then you will not be spared.” This threat was issued by none other than Digvijay Singh, a senior member of the Congress and a former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Digvijay was speaking to Congress members at Guna’s Bamori assembly. 

Threatened Rural Minister

He also sent threats against Mahendra Singh Sisodia, the minister of rural development in Madhya Pradesh. Digvijay Singh did not stop there; he also cautioned officers and employees that if innocent persons were apprehended, no one would be worse than them. The former Chief Minister added that this administration belongs to the people, not to brokers and robbers. He also issued a frightening warning to the officers and personnel.

Mahendra Singh Sisodia's reply

Panchayat Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia, on the other hand, reacted, saying that Digvijay Singh has no idea why he is threatening. "I could have cleaned the Congress floor in Bamouri if I had wanted to. My intention is not to cause harm to anyone. Nothing else frightens me except my leader or God."

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