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Publish Date: 19 May, 2022 |

Dipika Kakkar and Sohaib Ibrahim, one of television's most renowned faces and most popular couple, married in 2018, never fails to drop relationship goals whenever they make a public appearance.  Fans of these two are so fascinated with them that they want to know about them every day. Both of them are well aware of this, which is why they continue to share romantic photos with their followers on a regular basis. Today we will take about how their life changed after marriage.

Dipika & Sohaib on Life after marriage

When did Dipika think after marriage that Sohaib is the one for her?

Although the two of them met multiple time during the shoot of sasural simar ka and shared a special heart connection when falling for each other, they didn’t realize when friendship turned into love. It was when Sohaib left the show and distance started to bring them closer since they cannot meet on a regular basis like older times. Sohaib mentioned never professing love directly to each other but it was our actions which were louder than talks.

How has life changed after marriage? 

As per Sohaib “The feeling of being married to the love of my life is beautiful, although we have known each other for a long time and used to live in the same feeling but still getting married gives you a sense of newness in life which I cannot convey”.

How is the experience of vlogging together?

The couple apparently run a Youtube Vlogging channel ‘Deepika ki duniya’ which is receiving a lot of attention from fans. Talking about it Dipika mentioned “We never thought of  getting so much love and attention from these vlogs but today our every video is being widely shared & inspiring people out there. The actress further added “people should never forget their family values and always remember running behind materialistic things is fine but choosing it over the family’s happiness is wrong”.

Who is better cook between Dipika & Sohaib

Both Dipika and Sohaib complimented each other for the better cook, Sohaib went sarcastic and shared the time when Dipika accidentally burned the pizza and omlet to which Dipika mentioned “no matter how many delicacies I make he will always mention that one accident’. Well, it was good to hear that Sohaib always looks for Dipika’s recipe book for cooking.

How do you deal with social media trolls?

We both are mature enough to understand the black side of the internet and so is our family. We both think of the positive side and not let the negativity hover us. It is our love and our fans love which matters.

Who apologizes after the fight first?

Dipika said “It’s not fixed, whoever among us realizes their mistake first comes and apologizes”.

What is the most memorable gift to each other?

As for Dipika when Sohaib wrote a poem for her while she was in Bigg Boss and his journal about her was the most price;ess thing she ever got. For us, heart connection matters more.

What characters do you want each other to play?

“We don’t overthink when it comes to work, although we have our own preferences but still when the time comes we will sign up for the deal. It’s important to have contentment in life no matter what we do we have to keep in mind that we do have to take responsibility for our family”.

Dipika & Sohaib Dil se connection

Get ready for Deepika and Sohaib’s upcoming Dil se connection to very soon air on your television sets.


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