Discussion about Urfi Javed's dress, the designer was also surprised

Publish Date: 07 Aug, 2022 |

The actress that frequently makes news for Atrangi fashion is Urfi Javed. She has occasionally been spotted wearing a plastic outfit, as well as flowers, cotton candy, and sacks. No matter how much she is ridiculed, she continues with her clothing experiments. When Urfi wore a dress fashioned of blades, the utmost had been attained. There has recently been a video of Urfi Javed sporting a garment made of countless blades. The video of Urfi has everyone in a state of astonishment.

We should point you that Urfi's clothing hasn't always left everyone in awe. According to Urfi, she creates her own clothing. She wears a dress like that, which requires a lot of bravery to wear, every day. She wore a sky blue dress with a collar a few days ago, but the outfit was mostly mesh. The average person could not even consider wearing this dress because it was so daring.


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