Diwali 2021: Check out some easy Diya decoration ideas for Diwali- DIY

Publish Date: 04 Nov, 2021 |

Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali:

As we are learning since our childhood that Diwali is the festival of lights, and without lights, Diwali always remains incomplete. Talking about Diwali, diyas (earthen lamps) adorn our homes, rangolis, and even the darkest corner of our home. 

So, in this article further, let’s get into some fun activities on how to decorate Diya and some DIY Diya Decoration ideas for Diwali.

DIY Diya decoration ideas for Diwali:

Follow the steps mentioned below for the perfect Diya decoration ideas for Diwali.

Idea 1:

  • Paint the diya using water/acrylic colors and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

  • Now take some raw rice, and paint them in different colors as shown in the video.

  • Mix different colored rice and apply them to the outer surface of the diya using glue, and your diya will be perfectly decorated for Diwali.

Idea 2:

  • Paint the diya with the colors of your choice.

  • Now mix some glitter along with glue, and apply it to the inner portion of the diya.

  • On the outer surface of the diya, apply some mirrors in a beautiful pattern.

  • Decorate the rim of the diya with some beautiful beads.

Idea 3:

  • Paint the diya in the colors of your choice, and decorate it using different color combinations, by making beautiful patterns.

Idea 4:

  • Paint the diya in white or neutral colors.

  • Now, apply glue on the outer surface and rim of the diya, and sprinkle some Rangoli colors onto it, as shown in the video.

  • On the inner area of the diya, sprinkle some rangoli colors using glue as shown in the video.


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