DIY Body Scrubs: 3 Simple And Effective Body Scrubs Made At Home. WATCH VIDEO

Publish Date: 09 Aug, 2021 |

Body Scrubs

Are you tired of those dark dead cells that are stealing your glow? Buying a scrub might be an easy way out, but making a scrub at home is even easier. 

DIY Body Scrubs at Home/Ghar pe Body Scrubs kaise banaye

Here are some easy scrub ideas crafted just for you:

1.Coffe scrub DIY

Did you know other than keeping you awake and energetic, coffee removes dead cells from the skin surface? To make this scrub, all you need is 2 tbsp of coffee mixed with 2 tbsp of water. Make a paste. Then add 1 tbsp of warm coconut oil. And your scrub is ready! Apply it on your nose, face or your elbows and other places where you might need a scrubby-scrubby! Watch yourself glow after you wash off the scrub! And guess what? You can store this scrub as well!

2.Coconut Sugar Oatmeal Scrub DIY

This scrub can help moisturise the skin and keep it hydrated. For this scrub, you need these simple ingredients. In a bowl, take 3 tbsp of coconut oil and mix 2 tbsp of white or brown sugar. Mix well and make a paste. In that mixture add 2 tbsp of raw oats. Apply it to exfoliate your skin from the dead cells. It will make your skin smooth and moisturised. Use this scrub within a day.

3.Tomato sugar scrub DIY

Did you know tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C? In a blender, blend 2 tomatoes. You'll get a puree (please resist yourself from using it in your sabjee) and add 2 tbsp of sugar to it. And Voila! Your scrub is ready to be used on those stubborn dead cells.

Tips to remember before applying the scrub. Avoid scrubbing if your skin is:

  • Red or swollen
  • Sunburned
  • Chapped
  • Recovering from a chemical peel

We hope that the above 3 homemade scrubs would make your skin better. Happy Scrubbing! 


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