Donald Trump makes a comeback on Twitter, Elon Musk explains why the account was recovered

Publish Date: 20 Nov, 2022 |

Donald Trump on Twitter: Donald Trump, the former president of the US, has returned to Twitter. A blue tick signifies the restoration of his Twitter account. In actuality, Twitter's new owner Elon Musk ran a poll a day ago asking users if they wanted to lift the account-ban on Donald Trump. In a survey with a participation of over 15 million people, Trump's return to Twitter was supported by 51.8% of respondents, while the remaining 48.2% were against.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account restored

Recently Elon Musk the new owner of Twitter took to his official handle to announce the restoration of Donald Trump’s twitter account which was earlier suspended by the company. Trump wrote “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated.Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

Why was Trump banned from Twitter

Donald Trump was partially blamed for the rioting that took place in the US on January 6, 2021. His participation in the riots has also been the subject of an investigation in America. In addition, he frequently interacted with his followers on Twitter, which is why he was banned permanently from the social media site. The former US President has been active on his social networking programme Truth Social since then.

Donald Trump back on Twitter

In response to the reactivation of his Twitter account, Donald made clear that he will be active on his social media platform Truth Social. Twitter has reactivated the account RealDonaldTrump however no activities have been noticed ever since from the former US president. 

Since joining Twitter, Elon Musk has made several significant changes.  He bought the business for US$ 44 billion last month and made a number of surprising decisions w Whether it is the removal of the company's top management or Twitter's extensive layoffs.


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