Earthquake: Don't panic, know what to do during an earthquake in this video. Safety Tips

Publish Date: 10 Nov, 2022 |
Earthquake: On Wednesday, an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.3 jolted western Nepal and shook neighbouring India. A disaster like an earthquake can occur anytime, anywhere. It can be challenging to predict earthquakes beforehand, in such situations without losing your calm, follow the safety tips and instructions to keep yourself as well as your family and friends safe.

Safety tips and instructions during an Earthquake

  • Hide in the corner of the room, behind the table, or under the bed to protect your head and face. Avoid touching any glass, windows, doors, walls, or other potentially unstable surfaces (like chandeliers).
  • Stay in bed during an earthquake. Pillow your head to provide protection. Get out of the place where something might fall on you. 
  • Only when the door is close to you and you are aware of its strength should you attempt to flee through it. 
  • Till the tremor stops, try to remain inside. 
  • According to research, the majority of persons who try to exit buildings hurt themselves. 
  • Be aware that there might be a power outage, or that fire alarms or sprinkler systems might go off.
  • Avoid using lift while trying to go outside always use stairs instead
  • If there isn't anything sturdy around, then kneel next to a solid wall while covering your head, hands, and other delicate body parts with a sturdy object.

What to do if you are struck in a debris

Use a rag or handkerchief to cover your mouth to help filter the air.  In order to be found by rescuers, tap on a wall or pipe. Avoid lighting a match or kicking up the dust. If you are bleeding, apply pressure on the cut and elevate the damaged area. Use your emergency whistle to call for assistance.


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