Earthquake In China: Great devastation caused by earthquake tremors in China, 46 people died so far

Publish Date: 06 Sep, 2022 |

An earthquake wreaked havoc on Monday including County, Sichuan province of southwest China. There was an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude in which 46 people lost their lives. The tremors of the earthquake were so strong that even large buildings could not withstand its tremors.

Due to this, many buildings here turned into rubble, under which many people were buried. Giving this information, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said that the epicenter of the quake was Luding County and was centered at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Buildings collapsed and Power outages

The earthquake occurred at 12.52 pm Beijing time. Due to which the most devastation has occurred in Sichuan province. Buildings collapsed in many places, while electricity poles broke down, causing power outages in thousands of homes. About 1100 teams of fire brigade have been deployed for relief and rescue. Along with this a 50-member emergency rescue team has also been deployed. Helicopter is also being taken for relief and rescue.

On the other hand, Taiwan is waiting for China's green signal to send its relief team, but China is not accepting this help from Taiwan. Taiwan has stepped forward to help China in earthquake relief, forgetting the tension. Taiwan is ready to send its rescue team to the earthquake-affected areas. Taiwan is waiting for the Chinese green signal to send a relief team, but China has not yet responded. Even in times of natural disaster, China seems to be playing hostility to Taiwan.

Almost 50,000 people trapped

State news agency Xinhua reports that more than 50 thousand people trapped in the affected areas have been evacuated from their homes and shifted to safer places. After the earthquake, many teams have been engaged in relief and rescue work. 1100 teams of fire brigade are engaged in the work, while more than 6500 teams of rescue teams are engaged to rescue the people affected by the earthquake.


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